Advertising Business For Sale Online is an online advertising guide that offers effective (no commission) advertising packages for business owners wishing to sell a business without engaging an agent (selling privately).

Our advertising packages have assisted business owners of cafes and restaurants, retail shops, B&B businesses, lifestyle businesses that include a property, construction businesses, pubs, hotels, motels, franchise businesses, and industrial businesses in Australia.

Now in its 12th year online, offers years of experience in business advertising and marketing. We offer you value for your money. We market all our businesses through the Internet with care and attention. We are here to help present your business to your buyer the best way possible.

Note: If you are intending to include a property with the sale of your business please let us know and we will include this under property for sale at no extra cost!

Advertising Packages Standard
Advertise until SOLD Yes Yes Yes
Webpage with 10 photos on slide show presentation with description, location map and visitor counter Yes Yes Yes
Free access to edit your webpage Yes Yes Yes
Priority placement above Standard Properties in search results   Yes Yes
Your business Featured on our Homepage with summary   Yes Yes
Your business Featured on our Homepage with summary and photo     Yes
Higher ranking in Google     Yes
Priority placement above Featured Businesses in search results     Yes
Custom property keyword campaign, targeted towards your main target group     Yes

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  2. Writing a summary and page description about your business
  3. Take up to 10 good quality images
  4. Submit your advertising content for us to edit and complete. This can be done by logging into your account or by emailing or posting it to us, it's that easy!

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