Visiting or Migrating To Australia, Buying Real Estate :: Visa Information & Resources

This page contains information and resources to assist you with choosing the correct visa to meet your requirements, whether you're planning to holiday, work, buy real estate or migrate to Australia permanently; there are many visa types available.

Who Needs A Visa?

Everyone needs a visa in order to be able to enter Australia. It doesn't matter whether you just want to go to Australia for a day, a short holiday or permanently.

If you have relatives in Australia or Australian ancestors, you will still need a visa to enter the country.

Australia has many different visa types, tailored to suit different requirements. Some visas are temporary, and some are permanent. Some visas allow people to work or study in Australia, while others allow people to reunite with family members, or conduct business activities.

Each visa type has a different set of requirements. Anyone applying for a visa must be able to satisfy those visa requirements before he or she will be granted a visa.

Useful Websites

Veronika Hurbis and Lauren Slack are migration consultants for Migration Agents Registration Authority

Australian Government Resources
Finding You The Right Australian VISA
The Visa Wizard can help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances. For people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia. Includes details of Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program. Includes information for employers about sponsoring skilled people to work in Australia.

Living In Australia
The Living in Australia web pages contains information and publications about life in Australia, and links to government settlement services including help learning English. These web pages also provide information about Australian values and the cultural diversity of Australia's people.

Buying Real Estate in Australia
The real estate categories cover investment in:

Who is exempt?

Refer to Exemptions for acquisitions which do not require notification and approval.

Entering Into a Contract

If an acquisition is not exempt, foreign purchaser(s) must notify the Government prior to acquiring the interest. If they enter a contract, it should be conditional upon foreign investment approval, and they should ensure that it remains conditional until after foreign investment approval is granted.

Foreign persons are in breach of the FATA if they enter an unconditional contract to acquire property (or if their conditional contract becomes unconditional) before approval is granted and may be subject to significant penalties.
Becoming A Citizen

Information to help you apply for Australian Citizenship as well as information on special events and resources.